Welcome to the Black Dog Barnyard Photography Studio, located on a small hobby farm nestled in the woods just outside of beautiful Bancroft, Ontario.

Sandra is a photographer who specializes in animal photography. Her work has been featured in calendars, brochures, promotional material, greeting cards, books and more.

She offers photography sessions throughout the Bancroft area. Black Dog Barnyard is a division of Sandra's retail store, West Wind Gallery & Gifts, located in downtown Bancroft. Click the links above to learn more about the services she offers.


Muscovy Ducks
Jack, Janet and Chrissy
Muscovy Ducks are large, docile birds that make excellent barnyard companions because they eat large amounts of insects providing very efficient, all natural insect control.
They are friendly ducks who unlike other species are quiet and do not quack.  

Ducklings hatched June 19, 2012.  

Jack, our drake.  Isn't he handsome?

Chrissy, our beautiful white girl

Jack, Janet and Chrissy

Rouen Ducks

Rouen Ducks are large ducks which closely resemble Mallard ducks.  They are friendly pets who make for a colourful addition to any barnyard.  
Lana and her week old ducklings joined our flock on August 1, 2012 when they found themselves in need of a home.

Our pond, duck paradise!

Still quite young in this photo, their adult feathers were just coming in