Welcome to the Black Dog Barnyard Photography Studio, located on a small hobby farm nestled in the woods just outside of beautiful Bancroft, Ontario.

Sandra is a photographer who specializes in animal photography. Her work has been featured in calendars, brochures, promotional material, greeting cards, books and more.

She offers photography sessions throughout the Bancroft area. Black Dog Barnyard is a division of Sandra's retail store, West Wind Gallery & Gifts, located in downtown Bancroft. Click the links above to learn more about the services she offers.


Our love of the Newfoundland Dog breed has brought us to be very active in rescue work, both with Newfoundlands and All Breeds of dogs.

As founders of the Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue here in Ontario we are committed to helping Newfs in need.

Visit Newf Friends at www.newf-friends.ca to learn about all of the work we do.

We foster homeless dogs who are waiting for adoptive families.  These dogs live with us in our home and are included in all aspects of our daily life.  Some may only be here a couple of days as they await surgery or space at another foster home.  Others live here for many weeks while we search for their perfect adoptive family.  Some stay 6 months or longer as we nurse them back to health from serious injury or illness, and some live out their days in our home.

Our current fosters who are available for adoption are:
This lovely gal is in the care of Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue.  She will be staying with us for several months as we rehabilitate her following orthopaedic surgery
Some of our fabulous fosters who have now been adopted into loving homes or lived out their remaining days in our care.

Iggy - We loved him like one of our own and gave him the best life we could.  This special boy lived out his life in our care, passing away at the young age of 13 months due to a heart condition called subaortic stenosis.


Sophie, Bella and Hermione
Carlie poses with Grayson

Gilligan - uh oh, we did it a second time!  We adopted this little stinker after fostering him for several months

Piper the golden, Zoe the Landseer
Buster - after nearly a year in foster care, this little boy was not meant to leave.  We adopted him and he is now a permanent member of our pack.
Marleigh (3 months) , Gary (just a few days waiting to move to a small dog-friendly foster home)
Katie, Reese (only for a short stay), Kelly (she just stayed the weekend for a photoshoot and assessment with other dogs) and Chip and Muffy
Lea - she stayed with us a few times while her regular foster mom was away
Wendy, Vinnie (he just stayed for the weekend!)
Piper - RIP beautiful girl. Piper was in sanctuary care in our home, receiving palliative care for pancreatic cancer
Faye, Lincoln
Charlie, Daisy Mae
Thelma, Marshmallow, Miley, Louise
Diesel. Samantha, Monty, Manny
Carrot Cake, Danny
Dixie, Bijou

Gertie, Heidi
Mariah - RIP sweet girl.  This wonderful girl lived out her remaining days in our home
Astrid, Gloria, Katie, Jade, Ruby, Jazz, Lily, Rocky Panda
Bam-Bam, Buffy, Opal

Sophie and Tasha

Wendy, Butters, Kyle