Welcome to the Black Dog Barnyard Photography Studio, located on a small hobby farm nestled in the woods just outside of beautiful Bancroft, Ontario.

Sandra is a photographer who specializes in animal photography. Her work has been featured in calendars, brochures, promotional material, greeting cards, books and more.

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Update: Septmeber 7, 2013: The girls have joined their new family!

These two beautiful horses came to us in 2010.  They had previously been rescued by a well intentioned person who was in over her head and not able to provide care to the herd of horses she had.  A friend of ours stepped in and rescued the girls and placed them at our farm.

Both girls spend their days moseying around our paddock with the company of the chickens and ducks.  With no pasture here, ours is not the ideal setting for horses, but we do our best to make it work.  These two sweet girls are looking for a loving, horse friendly home.

Easy keepers, they will make wonderful companion and pleasure horses.  They have previously lived with a large herd so could happily join a farm with a few other horses for companionship.

These mares are very low maintenance and are used to having free access to a barn 24/7 and prefer to come and go at their leisure rather than being locked in a stall overnight.   Most of their time is spent outdoors only choosing to retreat into the barn during the height of bug season or in inclement weather.

Born 1998

Hjordis (aka Jo-Jo) is sweet, gentle and friendly.  She gets along with all of the animals here at the Black Dog Barnyard and is a lovely girl.  Curious and affectionate, she is a calm, mild mannered horse, happy to be at the bottom of the herd.  She loves a good roll in the mud!
She is a 16 hh grey Throroughbred mare who was not fit for the racetrack and was unable to carry a foal to term so she was set for slaughter before being rescued.   She is a lovely companion horse and could do some light riding.  She has some stiffness in her stifle.
She has a wonderful personality, is excellent for the farrier and vet and is an all around very sweet mare.  Hjordis is an absolute pleasure to be around.

  Born 2000 (?)
 Danika is a social girl who loves a good scratch behind her ears.  Friendly and affectionate, Danika greatly enjoys spending time with people and loves to be the center of attention.  She's a smart girl who has a playful side and has a real talent for finding every burr in the paddock!
She is a gorgeous bay Standardbred mare who is in very good health.  She was used as a test subject at a university and is very used to being handled.  She is wonderful with the farrier and vet.
 She could be used for trail riding with the company of other calm horses.
She is a very easy keeper.