Welcome to the Black Dog Barnyard Photography Studio, located on a small hobby farm nestled in the woods just outside of beautiful Bancroft, Ontario.

Sandra is a photographer who specializes in animal photography. Her work has been featured in calendars, brochures, promotional material, greeting cards, books and more.

She offers photography sessions throughout the Bancroft area. Black Dog Barnyard is a division of Sandra's retail store, West Wind Gallery & Gifts, located in downtown Bancroft. Click the links above to learn more about the services she offers.


Marcellus and baby Vincent

Mia and Yolanda

 Meet the goats of the Black Dog Barnyard!
Pictured here are our trio as wee babes!    On the left is Yolanda, the buckling in the middle is Marcellus and on the right is Mia.

These are Nigerian Dwarfs, a dairy breed that produces high quantity, high fat milk.  Easy keepers, Nigerians make great pets and are the perfect dairy goat for the small scale hobby farm.

Our first goats arrived at our farm on June 8, 2012.  Babies available to screened homes on occasion.